How To Build A Business Around Your Podcast Efforts

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Hey There!

My name is Cliff Ravenscraft.  You may know me as the Podcast Answer Man.

What you may not know is that I have 12 years of experience in podcasting, growing my own online business that has helped tens of thousands of people take their message, their business and their life to the next level.

As a result of all this experience, there is one fundamental thing that I know for sure.

It can be really tough getting an online business off the ground.

I know. I get it. I’ve seen it, and, more importantly, I’ve been there.

You may look at my business today, and only see the success. However, those who have been in my community for quite some time know that my first year in business brought about the most difficult financial times that our family had ever faced.

I went into this with the motto, “I don't need easy, I just need worth it.” Living the life that I live today, I can tell tell you that those difficult times were defintiely worth it. However, with that said, looking back from the perspective of knowing what I know today, I now realize that things didn't have to be quite so hard.

“There is a better path toward online business success!” 

The truth is that hundreds of thousands of people, just like you and me, have started an online business. New people, every day, are taking the plunge.

I know all about the dreams of the freedom that come from owning your own business/being your own boss.

And on this journey, some folks have amazing success. I thank God, every day, that I am one of them.

But sadly, most fail.

So many will work hard but never quite achieve the success and freedom that they desire.

When I say “most will fail,” I mean way more than half. More than two thirds. More like 90 percent.

The reason most can’t quite seem to get to the next level in their online business efforts is due to the fact that they don’t yet have the right mindset and strategy to move forward. They simply lack the “experience of success.”

However, there is a very simple solution to this problem!

All you need is the right coaching to help you break through to the next level.

The truth is that every successful person got to where they are by following the guidance and advice of someone who went before them.

It’s true for great figures in history. It’s true for captains of industry. For Generals. For Authors. For brilliant scientists. For transcendent artists. At one point, they all had mentors and coaches that guided them.

And of course it’s true for me personally.

Cliff, by far, has been the biggest influence on me and my podcasting career. I had struggled so much to get started and it wasn’t until a year and a half after wanting to start a podcast that I finally connected with Cliff and he got me going down the right path to make it happen. I only wish I worked with him sooner.

Pat Flynn

Entrepeneur, Smart Passive Income

The most successful people that I know, still rely on coaches, consistently, to help them take all areas of their life to the next level.

The need for coaching may not obvious when you are in the middle of trying to build a business. Or, if it is on your radar, it's easy to think that paying for coaching is simply something that you can't afford.

I learned, from personal experience, that I could have saved countless hours, walked away with fewer regrets and could have achieved a greater level of success, had I actually invested in coaching earlier in my online business journey.

The good news is that, when you are coached by someone who is already much further down the path that you desire to go down, you can enjoy success faster, better and more easily than those who came before you.

Even better, the coaching you need is only a few clicks away.


Come to my home – “the house that podcasting built,” and together, let’s change your life.

The Home That Podcasting Built

Some of you already know the story of how my wife and I came to build the home that we live in today and how we call it “The Home That Podcasting Built.”

When we were planning the layout of our home, we knew that we wanted a large studio to serve as the office and podcasting space. That's where I'm sitting right now as I write this.

Note the vast open area in the photo shown.

I specifically designed the Next Level Studio so that I could help people just like you build their online business.

Next session : November 3rd and 4th.

Maybe you have already started down the path of generating income from your online efforts. However, if you are generating less than $5,000 per month on a consistent basis, this event is for you.

It is not required that you already have a podcast to benefit from this workshop. However, after attending, you'll fully understand why having an audio podcast is the single greatest way to build an audience, and provides the greatest opportunity for them to come to know, like and trust you.

This is not a Get Rich Quick program! If you are looking for a workshop that will teach you the secrets to instantly gain thousands of followers and become famous in a short period of time, this is not the right event for you.

This workshop will provide real world expectations of what it takes to start and grow a sustainable online business.

Learn From My Personal Experience & The Experience of Others
(And Avoid All Our Mistakes)

I will be sharing stories from our own journey of building the online business that my wife and I have today. Not only that, I will be sharing insights that I have gained by doing life, up close and personal, with some of the most successful online entrepreneurs like Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Pat Flynn, Ray Edwards, Michael Stelzner and many more. (All very close, personal, friends of mine)

During this workshop, I'll provide a step by step formula for how to build your online business.  We'll cover things like “Potential Streams of Income.” We will answer questions like “How do I grow my audience?” We will talk about the very important topic of “Pricing.”

You'll learn about all the things that I would have done differently in the first few years of my business, if I only knew then, what I know now. These insights would have led me to a greater level of success much earlier in my online business journey.

The sessions/topics alone are going to be extremely valuable and filled with actionable insights. However, one of the things that I'm most excited about is the fact that events in the Next Level Studio are limited to only twelve like-minded individuals.

I know, from hosting previous workshops, that the relationships that are formed during this workshop will have the potential to become life-long friendships that, alone, could help you take your message, your business and your life to the next level.

Is This Experience For You?
(It Isn't For Everyone)

This event is tailor made for you if…
  • You have passion for the business that you are creating.
  • You have demonstrated a natural talent for the work that you do.
  • You have faith that the pursuit of your online business is something that you should be doing.
  • You have determination and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your online business succeed.

What's The Cost?

First, you should think of this as an investment, not as a cost.

When you make an investment, you expect to get a return. While I can’t guarantee any specific income, I can guarantee that if you don’t expect a return, you won’t get one.

The investment for this two day workshop is only $1999.

If the only thing you got from attending this workshop was clarity about the next right step to take in building your online business, it would be worth the investment.

If the only thing you got from attending this workshop was a clear picture of the multiple streams of income you could produce, it would worth the investment.

And if the only thing you got from attending this workshop was the belief that you could generate more income than you ever dreamed possible, it would worth the investment.

The good news is, you don’t get just one of these things, you will get all three of them.

Plus you will get.

* A complete, step by step framework for building your online business.

* A session solely devoted to teach you how to grow your audience.

* A session that will help you clearly communicate who you are, who you help and what it is that you do.

* A full sesssion devoted to effective email marketing.

* A complete session on how to build your own successful mastermind group.

* And so much more!

It Is Decision Time

You’re standing at the crossroads. Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling a lot… it’s lonely, rough, uphill, and filled with anxiety and fear due to constant lack of knowing what the next right thing to do is.

On the right, the road less traveled. It’s smooth and it's paved by all those who have already traveled further down the path ahead of you.

Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.

This Exclusive Workshop Is Jammed Packed With Valuable Insight That You Simply Can’t Get Elsewhere

Option 1: The Workshop

  • An amazing 1.5 day workshop experience.
  • Two Lunches and One Dinner Included.
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Option 2: The Workshop, Plus A Private Day With Cliff

  • Attend the 1.5 day workshop, plus spend an additional full day 1:1 with Cliff.  Price includes workshop attendance.
Day With Cliff Option SOLD OUT

Below are the reactions from those who have already attended this workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where Is the Event?

The workshop will be held on Friday, November 3rd and Saturday November 4th.  We will have meetings all day on Friday from 8am to 9pm (lunch and dinner included).  On Saturday, we will start at 8am and wrap up with lunch starting at 12 Noon.

The workshop will be hosted at The Next Level Studio, a training space built specifically for this purpose when we built our home, “The House That Podcasting Built.” We are located in Northern Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati OH. Address and contact infomration will be provided after you register.

What Airport Do I Fly Into?

What Airport Should I Fly Into?
The Next Level Studio is located only five miles from the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). The airlines that fly into and out of CVG are Delta, American, United, Southwest, Allegiant and Frontier.

What time should I book my flight to arrive at the airport? When Should I book my flight to depart?
The event starts promptly at 8am Eastern Time on Friday, and ends with a networking lunch that starts at 12pm Eastern Time on Saturday. If you want to get the most out of this event, we suggest you come in on Thursday night so you are well-rested for the full day that we have planned on Friday, and don’t book a flight before 3pm Saturday to ensure you aren’t rushing out and missing some great connections!  (Note: If you have signed up for the “Spend The Day With Cliff” package, you'll want to plan around that accordingly)

Where Should I Stay?

What Hotel Should I Stay At?
There are a number of great hotel options right near the airport.  Below are the options that we recommend in the order that we recommend them.

  1. Cincinnati Airport Marriott (Website Link)
  2. Country Inn & Suites – Cincinnati Airport (Website Link)
  3. Hampton Inn Cincinnati Airport-North (Website Link)
  4. DoubleTree Hotel – Cincinnati Airport (Website Link)
What About Food? Will Your Feed Me?

Are meals included?
We will provide both lunch and dinner on Friday and will provide lunch on Saturday. During both days, we will provide muffins/pastries, snacks, coffee/tea, etc.

What if I have dietary needs?
Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs so we can ensure there is something available for you to eat. If you have severe restrictions, there is a grocery store down the street and we have a fridge to store any food you need to supply yourself.

Is There A Discount If I Bring My Spouse Or Business Partner?

If you are married, the full support of your spouse can be a key contributing factor to the success of your online business efforts. Even better if they are involved in the business with you. You may bring your spouse and/or a business partner for an additional cost of only $500.  To sign up for both yourself and your spouse and/or business partner, CLICK HERE. If you have already registered for yourself, click here for the addon ticket only.

Are There Any Other Dates When This Workshop Will Be Offered?

If you are not able to attend the November 3rd & 4th Workshop, I will be hosting additional sessions of this workshop in the future. I have not yet completed my event and travel schedule for 2018.  If you would like me to personally followup with you regarding a future session of this workshop, please email me at [email protected].

Is the Next Level Studio accessible to those with mobility limitations?

The Next Level Studio is built into lower level of our home, which does require that attendees walk down a flight of stairs. If you have any questions about accessibility, please email me at [email protected] before registering.

I Don't See My Question Here!

Do you have any more questions?
If you have any more questions that were not covered above, please feel email me at [email protected]