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In March of 2011, I devoted my entire month to walking 20 participants of my Podcasting A to Z course through every aspect of audio podcasting. I had full confidence that the class would be well accepted and that everyone who participated would benefit greatly. However, I had never dreamed that I would enjoy group coaching as much as I did.

Never before have I felt more efficient with my consulting/coaching time. I loved the experience of helping the greatest number of people for the lowest cost during the first class. The only thing that has come close to this has been my digital tutorial products which continue to do extremely well. However, I really love having the ability to offer an avenue where I can answer specific questions for folks as they are going through the setup of their podcast.

The next session of Podcasting A to Z will be my 25th session of this course and it will begin on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 and will go for four weeks, with the final day of the course being Friday, June 17th. Prior to this next session, 550 students have already gone through this course and, to date, I’ve maintained a 100% satisfaction rating. Please be sure to read the many testimonials that I’ve posted at the very bottom of this page.

Testimonial – Dane Sanders –

This course will cover EVERYTHING that a podcaster needs to know, from A to Z, to create a successful audio podcast. Here’s a breakdown of some of the topics that we’ll be covering in our 4 weeks together.

  • The Basics of Podcasting – How It Works 
  • How to decide what topic to podcast about.
  • How to identify your target audience.
  • Thoughts on “Naming Your Podcast.”
  • Choosing the right domain name.
  • The importance of your website
  • Complete training on setting up WordPress for Podcasting
    • Setting up a hosting account for your website
    • Installing WordPress
    • Configuring the site for podcasting
    • adding an audio player to your site.
    • How to submit your podcast to the iTunes and Stitcher podcast directories.
    • How to put subscription links on your site.
  • Guidance on the format of your podcast
    • The length of your podcast
    • The frequency of your podcast
    • Solo or Co-Host discussions
    • Interview
    • Live v/s pre-recorded
  • Choosing the right equipment for your podcast.
    • Tips on how to start small and build up if you need to.
  • Equipment setup training
  • Tips on recording your podcast
  • Audio editing software training
  • Training on how to manage the hosting of your .mp3 files
  • Compete production workflow
    • This will give you a COMPLETE STEP BY STEP set of instructions that will make producing your podcast as easy possible, so that you can focus your energy on the content and your audience.
  • Training on how to promote your show.
  • Training on how to engage in relationships with your audience.
  • Tips on how to build a community around your podcast.
  • Training on methods for generating income from your podcasting efforts.
  • And I mean it when I say AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

Testimonial – Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer The UnPodcast

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The participants of this class will have ongoing access to every digital training tutorial that I provide during this course. The values listed here are not made up! The value listed for each tutorial is the price that these products sell for on a daily basis! Feel free to click the titles to read a little about each of these tutorials. Note: Some of these tutorials are currently only available to Podcasting A to Z students and do note have links to the products page.

That’s Well Over $1,000 Worth of Digital Training Tutorials Alone!

Testimonial – Anthony Tran Marketing Access Pass

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Additional Exclusive Training Materials
During the previous sessions, I created new tutorials specifically for the participants of my Podcasting A to Z course. These tutorials have not yet been made available for individual purchase. Participants of the Podcasting A to Z course will also have full access to the training materials that I have made for previous sessions as well as the new training materials I will make during your A to Z session..

Before You Record Your First Episode: This tutorial contains what I consider to be the most valuable advice that I have ever given to any client. Every client that has followed the advice found in this tutorial has found success in their podcasting efforts.

Before You Record Your First Episode covers topics such as “Why Do You Want To Podcast?,” “The Importance of Topic/Niche Focus,” “The Power of Passion & Enthusiasm,” “The Importance of Clearly Identifying Your Target Audience,” and more. This tutorial is a 13 page PDF document and I also include an audio version of it as well.

Equipment Options For Any Budget: I understand that not everyone is going to start out with the same type of equipment that I’m currently using in my own studio today. Heck, I didn’t start with the gear I have today. That’s why I created the tutorial titled Equipment Options For Any budget. It doesn’t matter if your budget allows you only $25 or $2,500, this tutorial will give you advice on getting the best sound from your equipment budget!

Many More Tutorials: As I shared above, during each Podcasting A to Z course, I am creating brand new tutorials. Here are just a few samples of some tutorial that I have created during the course of a normal Podcasting A to Z session. Please note, that I have provided YouTube links for two of these tutorials, just to give you a feel for what I am talking about when I mention these additional tutorials that I am creating during each session.

– How do I add social media icons to my sidebar?
– Libsyn Media Hosting Tutorial
– How do I replace a file on Libsyn?
– How do I update my Podcast Artwork?
– How does the ATR-2100 compare to the Heil PR-40? –
– How do I rebrand my podcast?
– iJingle Pro Tutorial –
– FTP (FileZilla) Tutorial
– Do I need an MDX-4600?
– PrettyLink Plugin Tutorial
– How do I remove the link to Thesis in the footer of my website?
– How to use the Pretty Links plug to create custom short urls.
– And many more…

Here’s an example of one of the one-off tutorials that I’ve created for my students.

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Every student that has taken this course has told me that the single greatest benefit of Podcasting A to Z is the fact that they had UNLIMITED ACCESS to asking me ANY QUESTION THAT THEY WANTED for FOUR WEEKS! This is not some sort of empty promise that I make. During this course, I am fully engaged with each of my students as I walk with them through every step of getting their podcast launched. Here’s what a few of my students have shared about their access to me…


There are more testimonials, like this, found at the bottom of the page.

If you want to start a podcast and you want to avoid spending months trying to figure it all out, this is the course for you!

Another great thing about this course is that you can do everything at your own pace. In the March 2011 class alone, we had people from five different time zones. At the beginning of each week, you’ll be given a course outline that will provide links to all the training materials that you should consume during the course of that week. You can go through these materials any time you like, night or day. As you go through them, if you have questions, all you need to do is simply ask your question in the online forum and I’ll personally respond to every question you ask during the four weeks of this course.
(Weekly Course Outline Sample)

There will be a total of four conference calls. One each week of the course. You are not required to participate in these live calls. The conference calls are held via GoToWebinar and I will be sharing my screen and creating video training/tutorial material on the fly as I answer questions from the class. If you are unable to make it to the class live, you can submit questions ahead of time for me to cover. I will be recording HD Video of these calls on my end and the videos will be made available for viewing and/or download by the following morning.

Life Happens! Right? It’s not a problem. This material is designed to be a self study course. If something happens and you get a week or two behind on the training materials, it’s not a problem. Those who sign up for this course are given LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the training materials made available in this course. Also, you will have ongoing “reading” access to all of the discussion forum topics, with all the other participant’s questions and responses that had happened during the course.

A few weeks after the first course had ended, I received an email from Pei Kang who wrote… “I am slowly but surely working through the materials. What an amazing wealth of information that I very much appreciate.” Of course you will get the most value if you are able to devote the time to going through the training materials assigned for each week so that you can get answers to all your own specific questions. However, I am confident that having the roadmap provided by the weekly outlines that will guide you through each of the training materials in a meaningful order, ongoing access to the recorded conference calls, and all the discussion topics that were posted during the four weeks of the course is not only a tremendous value, but is also everything that a brand new podcaster would need to successfully launch a show with a solid foundation for future success.

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If you have any questions at all, please email me at

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